Free Exchanges

Order something and it doesn't have that perfect fit? We offer 100% free exchanges as long as the sunglasses are in resell-able condition! If that is the case we will send you a free shipping label to send the specific pair back and swap them for something that does have the fit perfect!

Custom Adjustments (In Store Only)

Love a pair of shades but they seem to be crooked or slide down your face? We offer free adjustments that allow us to custom fit a pair to your face. Whether the sunglasses are boughten from us or not we will adjust them to fit perfectly. 

Special Ordering

While we do offer the best selection of sunglasses in our stores and on our website; there might be a time we don't have a specific style or color. If that's the case we will special order (6-9 business days) whatever style or color you might be looking for! Be sure to ask the associate or email us through our website if there's something specific you're looking for.